The slogan has been passed on and on for years, in actual fact Kowloon Dairy have been producing richer and creamier Milk for more than 70 years already. Now, let us take you through our path of growth along these years.
It was a fantastic partnership when Mr George Ahwee and Mr. Rudy Choy co-founded “Kowloon Dairy” in 1940. The former was a devotee of animal husbandry, especially for dairy cattle and the later was an amateur jockey.
At start, the company was run by a very slim labour force of 30 employees and produced only fresh milk for sale in the northern part of Kowloon peninsula. Then, Mr. Li Lan Sang, a horse owner came along, put in more fund to expand the business and established “The Kowloon Dairy Ltd.”.
Due to the fact that the company was set up and located in Kowloon, and to differentiate from another well-known dairy company across the harbour in Hong Kong island, we simply name ourselves “Kowloon Dairy”.
Today, the Kowloon area has completely turned into an urban district, where there is barely a trace of a dairy farm.
Can you imagine hundreds of milk cows were raised 70 years ago in the land where Choi Wan Estate now stands?
In 1972, Hong Kong Government resumed land for building public estates that motivated Kowloon Dairy to separate the farm and factory, and relocate them to Yuen Long and Tuen Mun respectively.
This was indeed an epoch in the history of Kowloon Dairy, marking the beginning of automation and business development.
In the 40th century, urbanization was confined to Hong Kong Island, but soon extended to rural area.
In 1984, Kowloon Dairy replaced the Yuen Long farm and shifted north to Guangzhou to cope with the demand for conservation and land reform.
Today, we have grown into a company of almost 500 employees and our distribution network reaches almost all corners of Hong Kong and Macau. Our product ranges have been diversified from fresh milk into a variety of recombined milk drinks, including Hi-Calcium milk, skimmed milk and different flavoured milk, novelty Mochi Ice and specialty ice-cream products.

For institutional use, we specialize in the supply of coffee creamer, soft ice-cream mix, shake mix and dipping ice-cream. We believe in total quality control. For fresh milk, quality control is applied in the very early stage of feed selection, living and health conditions of the dairy cattle to ensure delivery of quality and nutritious milk.

Our production lines run daily to render the freshest produce, while our salesmen and telesales team maintain close contact with our customers everyday to provide the best services. To expand our market, we ventured to China in 1992 and formed a joint venture, i.e. The Kowloon Dairy (GZ) Ltd. Through the affiliate, we are now supplying quality milk products and services to the provinces in South China region, as far as Fujian, Hainandao, Yunnan and Haerbin.
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